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Turn Ideas Into Expert Business Solutions. Without Code.

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GiftedMatrix is a cloud platform on which we work with you to build a precise cloud solution to any digital processing needs you have – without code. Whatever you want a system to do, from not-for-profit focused processing needs like grants management and fundraising, to a means of delivering insurance offerings to your customers, or even a compliance system you want to sell to others in the sector; there’s a perfect solution waiting to be built in GiftedMatrix. Using the Gifted Toolkit, we’ll tailor your system to ensure it fits your precise requirements, is purpose-built to carry them out exactly how you imagined, and always securely accessible from any device.

Once built, we can continue to use ‘the toolkit’ to make live changes and additions to your system for you, or you can introduce your team to some ‘toolkit training’ allowing them to take control of the toolkit and use it to make edits/additions with drag and drop simplicity and without the need to code anything.

No-Code. Full Control.


Automation Speed Flexibility Power

Don't just cope with change. Thrive from it.

The Gifted Toolkit

The Gifted Toolkit is the means used to build your system and tailor it to your exact needs. It is a set of ‘tools’ for creating and organising data, forms, workflows, dashboards, and everything else your application might involve. Don’t worry; we’ll be using the toolkit ourselves to set up your initial system to ensure it fits your precise requirements. But the tools don’t require any coding or technical expertise to use and, because of that drag and drop simplicity, we offer training on how to use them to alter your system and even create your own functionality yourself.

The toolkit also allows the ‘architect’ to make live changes to any part of your system, meaning you can instantly address any inefficiencies discovered, respond to feedback on form layout and usability with real-time changes, and make rapid edits to workflows to alter and improve entire processes.

Turn Ideas Into Expert Business Solutions. Without code.

Why no-code?

Traditional methods of coding software from scratch to custom-fit ‘application to organisation’ carry several constraints, including high prices and long build times. With a no-code platform like GiftedMatrix, your application is configured from intelligent building blocks that have expert functionality already built-in. Think of your system as being assembled, rather than coded; and because of that, it can go from idea to complete live-running application in a fraction of the time that other methods allow. And, for a fraction of the price.

"Gifted is a game-changer"

Head of IT - World Horse Welfare

All you need is an idea.

Is GiftedMatrix Right For Me?

You really can do anything with GiftedMatrix, regardless of whether we have the expertise in the sector you are operating in or not. We’re digital process experts. You’re experts in what you do. Whatever that is, we can work together to create a unique system that delivers on your requirements and evolves with you. 

If you’re looking to move a process from spreadsheets to a more dynamic and capable cloud system, great. If you want to move digital processes from other systems to a secure, custom-fitted platform on which they can develop and grow, wonderful. Suppose you need to consolidate your current software infrastructure into an efficient, non-siloed base where teams can streamline processes in minutes and enhance each other’s work? Fantastic. Whatever problem you’re addressing, there’s a Gifted answer waiting to be assembled for it.

If you’re still not sure, ask us!

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