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Become a Gifted Partner and transform your organisation on your terms.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Work with the Gifted Team and combine our knowledge of digital processes and your expertise in your business to create a mutually beneficial, personal relationship that lasts. We’re always looking for likeminded, ambitious organisations to introduce to the Gifted world and see where they can take it. Using the Gifted Toolkit, we can work together to digitally transform your organisation and create a consolidated system that takes care of all of your processes - your way.

Types Of Gifted Partnership


A standard partnership where we discovery model (deep dive into your exact processes and requirements) and build a unique system together for you to use.


A partnership in which you bring an idea forward and we discuss and trial it to see if we can create a new groundbreaking application for you to use.


A partnership in which you become experts in GiftedMatrix and The Gifted Toolkit and can take that expertise to other organisations to transform them.


A partnership in which we work with you to create an exclusive application to serve a certain market, with the potential for you to become the reseller and consultant for that unique product.

It's Flexibility, but not as we know it.

For now. And the Future.

Our philosophy is simple. We don’t accept the notion that organisations should buy rigid systems that bring with them the discomfort of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Or even to implement ‘flexible’ systems that are called such because they can be tailored in small ways but still restrict the way you work and limit your speed of growth and change. With the Gifted Toolkit, we work together to design, trial and build a unique, agile system for your organisation to carry out digital processes on your terms.


Work with a system that works for you. Whatever you do.

Your System And Organisation As One.

When we say flexible, we mean that you can take charge your system, from the addition of new business services to the tiniest detail on forms, in a fraction of the time that other software allows. No code is ever needed to use the Gifted Toolkit, and anyone can harness its power with simple configuration controls and drag and drop functionality. You can take as much control of the toolkit as you like, or leave it to us to take care of, and create the precise processes to the specification and detail that you need.

In The GiftedMatrix, nothing is out of the question

Ask Us Anything

Feel free to ask us about anything that may have piqued your curiosity. Whether your vision could work, how we could help you to do it, or even just an idea for a direction the software could go in. With GiftedMatrix, there is no such thing as a silly question. It isn't about what we think, after all. The world of GiftedMatrix has been built as a world powered by you. It's just our job to make sure we don't give you any silly answers. 

Start Your Journey

There are already a few projects in the early stages of development, but we’d love to hear your Gifted Ideas on what the software could be used for and where it could go. In the GiftedMatrix, you lead your own journey.

"The Answer is out there... It's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to"

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