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Your System. Your Way.

Built By Us. Made By You.

Everything You need. And Nothing You Don't.

Your Gifted System

The backbone of your gifted system will generally be the data structure and workflows, which are both informed by your processes. We’ll work with you to draw up and streamline your processes before building your entire application without code - taking a fraction of the time that ‘bespoke’ software development of old did. And without the extra 00’s on the price tag too. Thanks to the Gifted Toolkit, all the building blocks are already in place, and all we need to do is orchestrate them to create your digital vision. No-code. No hiring software developers when you want to change direction or take advantage of a new opportunity. Just use the ‘Gifted Toolkit’ to edit processes in seconds, tailor dashboards, automate workflows and much, much more.

Gifted Special Features Come As Standard

Effortlessly Capable

Because of how your application is assembled, you get all of the powerful special features automatically. They don’t cost more or need to be requested. Your system is fully cloud-native (hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform), so you’ll also get automatic updates and new features as soon as they’re available (unless you don’t want them, of course!). That’s what we like to call effortless capability.

  • Cloud-Native
  • Extremely Scalable
  • Ultra-Reliable
  • Constant Back-Ups
  • GDPR compliant

Fluidity to match the most dynamic organisations

Redefining Flexibilty

With no-code assembly, your application is much faster to build and can be set up to meet your precise requirements. But, with the Gifted Toolkit, it’s also much faster to alter after it has been built. ‘The Architect’ can make live changes to your system, adding data, designing forms and grids, and even creating new workflows with automation built-in. With changes implemented in minutes, wherever your organisation goes, your system can always keep up.

  • Fast Build times
  • Rapid live edits to any aspect of your system
  • Create new functionality and build new processes in minutes
  • Take instant action on insights gained through powerful reports
  • Flexibility that allows organisation and application to grow together.

Self-service makes it easier. For Everyone.

Intelligent Self-Service

Allow your stakeholders to self-serve their needs with their own ‘external user’ login and personal dashboard to do everything, from applying for grants to managing events they’ve booked on to. Take the hassle out of processing every request on behalf of your stakeholders and give them the power to manage their own engagements straight from your website. Market targeted events and opportunities directly to relevant stakeholders dashboards and deepen your relationship with those your organisation touches – automatically.

The limitations of your system no longer exist

Unlock Your Imagination

With Drag and drop simplicity, your gifted system doesn’t come with the restrictions of a rigid packaged solution. You no longer need to accept the notion of your application limiting your imagination. Create workflows with built-in automation, passing from stage to stage and sending personalised communications without the need for manual intervention. Change the way rigid processes are done and start to grow in anticipation of your market, not in response to others in it.

  • Rapidly explore new opportunities by adding functionality to your system
  • Increase your reach and scope with additions that automatically co-operate
  • Build-in automation where helpful, increasing efficiency and saving time for essential tasks
  • Quickly change the way rigid old processes are done and become a leader

Security, Identity, GDPR. It's all taken care of.


Gifted Applications are Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and are fully GDPR compliant. Security of sensitive information and data is assured, with rigorous external penetration testing and annual cyber essentials plus accreditation.

With the privacy by design model of GiftedMatrix, roles can be created to ensure that data is only seen by those who need access to it. Individuals can be given access to specific dashboards and provided with edit permissions based on the level of control you want them to have.

  • Ultra-Secure
  • Privacy by design
  • Role-based access for data security and control
  • Creation of new roles and permissions in minutes

Check Out The Gifted Solutions To See What We've Built With GiftedMatrix

Gifted In Action

If you want to see GiftedMatrix in action and with a little more context about what it can do, book a demo now or check out our Gifted Solutions. We build the Gifted Solutions for each organisation by using the Gifted Toolkit to tailor every detail to their exact needs. We’ve also built decades of process expertise into the toolkit, gained from working with some of the most influential not-for-profit organisations around, so you know that your Gifted Solution(s) comes with all of the capability you need to make your digital processing as efficient as possible.

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