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The Toolkit That Makes Everything Gifted.

Introducing The Gifted Toolkit

Bringing a new meaning to dynamism

Create. Edit. Evolve - Without Code

The Gifted Toolkit is the foundation of everything Gifted. Every aspect of each solution is created using the toolkit – from individual data items to complex workflows and animated forms. Using the toolkit, you can create new processes in minutes, edit forms and dashboards, generate detailed process maps and build workflows, all with simple drag and drop functionality and absolutely no coding or technical expertise necessary.

The Two Sides Of GiftedMatrix

Agility Meets Power

The Toolkit Side

With countless years of processing knowledge built into it, the 'toolkit side' essentially provides the means to set up (and edit on the go) a precise and dynamic system that would otherwise be provided as a rigid, generic package - without needing to code anything. Using the toolkit, everything can be created incredibly quickly and changed in minutes, so you can always:


  • Have the exact terminology you want
  • Simplify processes that other systems complicate
  • Get rid of useless buttons and long-winded methods
  • And make sure that you aren’t searching for a new approach in two years when your ‘package’ no longer suits you.



The User Side

The ‘user’ side is the side of the system that your users will see. Everyday users will log in to carry out their work within the system and will have access to any functions and data they need. External Users will be able to log in but only to access their personal dashboard and data.

The database and workflows are the brains behind your system. Actions you take and data you capture can be automated through different steps in workflows, and users can access dashboards with views and widgets to aid efficiency of data processing. Everyday tasks can be set up for different roles, as well as reporting dashboards to get headline information for management reporting at a glance. Whatever any user needs to do, Gifted lets them do it. Better.


With Great Power Comes... As Much Responsibility As You Want

Using The Gifted Toolkit

Initially, we will use the toolkit ourselves to set up your system. This is to guarantee you can get up and running on your system as quickly as possible and we can make sure that it functions exactly how it should.

Once your system is live, there is an option to introduce ‘Toolkit Training’ to your team. This training involves giving you access to the toolkit and teaching you how to use it yourselves, from creating simple data groups and forms to setting up full new workflows for additional processes you may want to add. The timing, and whether or not you are interested in learning to use the toolkit in the future, is entirely up to you, as is the level to which you might want to be trained on it. Whoever uses the toolkit, you’ll still get all of the benefits that it brings.

Stakeholder 360
Login and Identity

Don't just cope with change. Thrive from it.

For Now. And The Future.

In the same way that we create the processes involved in your initial Gifted system, additional processes can be added to extend the reach of your engagements. Any process your organisation carries out, now or in the future, can be incorporated into your Gifted system. The toolkit can be used to create new functionality when the need arises and build new processes that automatically co-operate with your existing infrastructure. With a Gifted system, you get a custom-fitted expert solution to your processing needs. With the Gifted Toolkit behind it, you get a system that works, changes, and grows with you. Always.

"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

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