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Forget what you know about Digital Processing.

Introducing GiftedMatrix

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People people

The Story Of Gifted

Long before GiftedMatrix was built, our desire to create something that solved the problems we saw in digital processing fostered some simple ideas. With industry moving away from individuals to massive blanket solutions that solved generic problems, we couldn’t quite shake our belief in people. A belief that people with the right platform for them can maximise their resources and deliver amazing things. With Gifted, we wanted to put the personal back into business. We wanted partners, not clients. And we wanted to provide these partners with an intelligent, enduring platform to grow and thrive on.

Best Practice Is Fluid

Creativity isn’t something often mentioned when dealing with digital processing best practices, and in some cases, for good reason. There are ways of doing things that are proven to be efficient. But that doesn’t mean they are exactly the same for everyone. We imagined giving people the backbone of best practice running through their organisation's structure but letting them move the rest of the body freely. GiftedMatrix wasn’t going to be built to encourage people to randomly change key underlying aspects of their systems away from the tried and tested. It was going to give them the power to keep their individuality, to be efficient and unique, and to be able to evolve application and organisation together.

No-Code. No Limits.

So, we decided we needed to build a platform with the tools to solve problems rather than any general solution. We spent years creating this ‘toolkit’ to allow users to take full advantage of their ideas without being restricted by having to code them. A Business process management system that is accessible. Digital process automation that can be harnessed by anyone in minutes. And the flexibility to do it your way. That’s what we wanted to create; and as Gifted grows and develops, and we work with our partners to build and improve solutions to their digital processing problems with the unrivalled speed and customisability of no-code, we think we might just have managed it.

"No one can be told what The [Gifted] Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself."

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