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Inside the giftedmatrix

A toolkit that can change with your needs.

At its core, The GiftedMatrix is a toolkit built up from a set of individually simple but powerful tools. Each tool provides a crucial function in the matrix of interaction between all the constituent parts. Essentially, they can work well independently, and they really thrive together. Your Gifted Application will fundamentally be made up of two parts, separated simply but securely using access permissions.

The Toolkit Side

The 'toolkit' side is the side of the application that the 'Architects' (the people in charge of the set up of your system - see Training & Support) can access, and involves the creation and customisation of everything in your application. Whatever you want any users to see - from data and forms to workflows and dashboards - you can build and tailor here.

The User Side

The 'user' side is what your users will see, and is dependant on what roles they have and the permissions associated with those roles. If they are internal users, they will see all of the relevant information and dashboards the Architects want them to. If they are external (a stakeholder logging in through a portal on your website, for example) they will see only what the Architects allow them to.

Powerful tools at your fingertips.

Define your own limits.

You may not need all the functionality of the toolkit to begin with, or you made need some different functionality that isn't immediately obvious in the features below. The nature of The GiftedMatrix is such that you can create new functionality when required by using the tools in a new way. We've tried to include the key components as we see them, but if you've come here with a novel idea that hasn't crossed our minds yet, then the exact list may differ for you.

Start with Data

Whatever your data needs – ranging from the simple (Text, date, time, money, integers) to the complex (validation rules, look-ups and more) and even building relational models linking the two – GiftedData has you covered.

Build Workflows

GiftedFlows gives you the ability to create workflows that automate, inform and measure your process. You can define any number of stages and even branch to multiple workflows. For each step, you’re able to select the access rights and form or business rule you want to execute.

Automate texts and emails and create other reminders if no action has been taken after a specific time period. You can even set targets and Service Level Agreements to assess and monitor performance.

Design Forms

Need to display your data in an appealing and digestible way? Want to build engaging forms for employees and external users alike? Or even create conditional questions based on previous answers to get only the information necessary? GiftedForms allows you to do it all, and much more.

Customise Dashboards

Create landing pages for Guests and Anonymous users. Build specific dashboards for internal or external users, giving them each instant access to however much or little you want them to see.

GiftedDashboards gives you the ability to display grids of information, graphs, buttons to take action, analysis widgets, images, workflow monitoring controls, tasks for each user… We’ll stop there, but the list could go on and on. Oh, the size/shape/colour of everything is fully customisable too.


Financial Integrity

If you’re giving, spending or receiving money, GiftedFinance will provide you with all the financial control you need. Using it, you can raise purchase orders, match purchase invoices, create quotes and sales orders, and even process donations.

GiftedFinance takes care of all financial processing, carrying out the appropriate transactions and passing them directly to your Accounting System – so you don’t have to.

Versatile Grids

GiftedGrids lets you explore your data with customisable grids and graphs. Visualise groups of data by defining columns, sort orders and filters, and even include a direct link to any relevant forms. Depending on your needs, you can use advanced features to chart and pivot your data – allowing for the depth of analysis you want.




GiftedFilters allow you to select items from GiftedData using conditional logic. GiftedFilters are truly agile, meaning you can create reusable filters to sift through your data, set up conditions for use in forms, or apply them to grids to get the data you’re looking for quickly.

Identity Verification

GiftedID uses Microsoft Identity Server to authorise and authenticate users. The heavy-duty security management is taken care of using OAuth 2.0 and OpenId Connect, leaving you free to stress about the important things.

It also gives you access to identity providers such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft, meaning everyone can use whichever service they are comfortable with – or, if you prefer – you can use the built-in Identity Service authentication provider. GiftedID isn’t picky!


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