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Flexibility, but not as we know it.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Breaking new ground and creating new opportunities has never been done by following the restrictions of the rigid infrastructure already in place. GiftedMatrix doesn't have the constraints of anything that we've built before it. It doesn't have a strict set of rules you need to play by to arrive at an indistinguishable destination.

It's no longer necessary to restrict your ideas to what is possible within the limitations of your software. Instead, the purpose of GiftedMatrix is to allow you to be led by what is possible within the boundaries of your mind.

A New Direction

The GiftedMatrix is an incubation chamber for new and creative ideas. Interpret the power of the tools in whichever way you deem fit and allow them to take you where you want to go. When you arrive at an idea that you're happy with, we can help you to morph the GiftedMatrix to accommodate it, before allowing you and your Gifted Application to take on a direction of your own.

Gifted Solutions

The Gifted Solutions are our interpretation of how the software can be moulded, with the expertise of Westwood Forster being in the Not-For-Profit sector as well as software. The Solutions began as ideas in the GiftedMatrix and used the experience of Westwood Forster to develop them into powerful solutions to the problems of various segments of the Not-For-Profit sector.

In The GiftedMatrix, nothing is out of the question

Ask Us Anything

Feel free to ask us about anything that may have piqued your curiosity. Whether your vision could work, how we could help you to do it, or even just an idea for a direction the software could go in. With GiftedMatrix, there is no such thing as a silly question. It isn't about what we think, after all. The world of GiftedMatrix has been built as a world powered by you. It's just our job to make sure we don't give you any silly answers. 

Start Your Journey

There are already a few projects in the early stages of development, but we’d love to hear your Gifted Ideas on what the software could be used for and where it could go. In the GiftedMatrix, you lead your own journey.

"The Answer is out there... It's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to"

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